Discover Feed

As the name suggests, it is the most exploratory of the video feeds and probes user's preference and learns over time what user like and doesn't like, and based on that, recommends videos that the user is most likely to engage with. Yet it is not completely a wild wild west and you can put your app-specific constraints to ensure the core theme of your app remains intact.

Below are the constraints that you can configure for your application while registering it in our system. You can always work with one of the fireworkers from the partner success team to help you with the configuration.

  • Locale, Country & Language - Every video has these three properties associated with it in our CMS, and based on your app's preference, you can constrain content based on one or more of the three parameters. If there are no constraints defined, it is likely that you will see international content. One can define the accepted Locale, Country & Language at the time of registering the application or at runtime.

  • Allow Tags

  • Reject Tags

  • Locale

  • Language

  • Country ( From where the video is uploaded )

Example code snippet for Discovery Feed


Programmatically setting a Dicovery as a resource.

val viewOptions = viewOptions {
    baseOptions {
    layoutOptions {

val videoFeedView = findViewById<FwVideoFeedView>(

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