About Firework

Create engaging shoppable video and livestream commerce on your site in minutes.

Firework is a leading video commerce solution built for brands and retailers. Leveraging shoppable video, live streaming commerce and powerful monetization capabilities, Firework empowers the most dynamic and exciting retailers and brands such as Walmart, Samsung, Levi's, L'Oréal etc. to build engaging experiences on their owned and operated digital properties and across channels at a global scale.

  • Livestream shoppable video

  • Short-form shoppable video

  • Content creation studio

  • Ads and retail media

  • First-party data

Installing Firework App

  1. You must have Store Owner access to your BigCommerce store before continuing to the next steps.

  2. Login to your BigCommerce store with the Store Owner account.

  3. Click Apps in the left bar of the admin control panel.

  1. Click on Marketplace to install Firework App on your BigCommerce store.

  2. Search for Firework on the app store.

Click the GET THIS APP button after selecting the app.

  1. Once ready proceed with the Install button.

  1. Agree to the BigCommerce terms and conditions and click Confirm.

  1. If the app is successfully installed, you will get redirected to the firework business portal to create a business store. Proceed with Business Store

  1. Loading Firework Business Portal : After connecting to the Firework business portal, you can do a lot of things like creating channels, playlists and uploading videos and more on this. You have to import the products to the Firework before you can add them to the videos or livestream. For importing BigCommerce store products to the Firework business portal, click on Products tabs on the top menu of the business portal.

  1. Import Products: You will see a list of your products with an import option right next to it. Import all the products you need to import. You can also search for a particular product and import into your Firework business account. If products are already imported, you will see the ‘sync’ option to update the product data in the Firework account.

  1. Widget Configuration: Firework will let you create 5 different types of drag and drop widgets for embedding fireworks business videos into the store. For creating widgets please proceed to the Widget Configuration tab next to Business Portal.

Add New Widget : Click on the ‘Add New Widget’ button. This will expand the screen with a form to select the layout of the widget, and then configuration options based on the layout type selected. Refer to the screen below for creating a ‘Story Block’ layout widget. Enter a meaningful name for your widget followed by selecting the channel from the channel list then, Playlist and video. Click Save Button .

Once Saved, the widget will get created and you will get redirected to the widget configuration tab. If an already created widget needs to be edited select the Edit button next to the Widget Name.

If an already existing widget needs to be removed , click on the red delete icon against the widget.

  1. Settings: If you want to reset the current firework app data, go to the ‘Settings’ tab on the top menu. Click on the “Reset” button. This will remove all the data saved in the app against the current business store.

After resetting the user will get prompted to Connect to a Firework business store.

Embed Firework Feed

Firework feeds are getting embedded to the storefront via drag and drop widgets in the pagebuilder. Please make sure the firework widgets are created before proceeding to the embed step. Please refer to the 'Widget Configuration' tab above for more information on this.

For embedding firework feed to various pages on your store front, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the storefront menu on the left and select Themes. Then select the 'Customize' button on the currently active theme.

  1. Select the page where you wanted to embed the feed. Then go to the Custom Widgets in the bottom of the page builder. Locate the custom widgets created via the plugin. Drag and drop the widget to the corresponding position.

Uninstalling Firework App

  1. You must have Store Owner access to your BigCommerce store before continuing to the next steps.

  2. To uninstall Firework App, go to Apps › My Apps and click Uninstall.

  1. Firework App will be removed from the 'My Apps' section and the 'App' bar in your BigCommerce admin panel.

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