All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[6.9.3] - 2024.02.16


  • A regression which if player was paused, the enterPip API was returning inactive player error (ASDK-2412)

[6.9.2] - 2024.02.07


  • The bug that was causing a crash when the initial run was with bad/no internet connection (ASDK-2384)

[6.9.1] - 2024.01.26


  • Add VideoInfo param to onCartClick callback (ASDK-2365)
  • Add VideoInfo param to onProductHydration callback (ASDK-2366)


  • LivestreamKeyMoment not implementing Serializable (ASDK-2375)
  • The Livestream Replay item performance issue, which was limiting the number of StoryBlocks in one page

[6.9.0] - 2024.01.18


  • Product key moments feature to Livestream replay (ASDK-2132)
  • Logo on the Player feature and PlayerOptionLogoConfig public API: NoLogo|Logo.AggregatorLogo(channelId)|Logo.CreatorLogo(channelId) (ASDK-2134)
  • The Livestream Count Down feature for the trailer (ASDK-2174)
  • ImageLoader config including CircleTransformation (ASDK-2202)
  • Show the seek bar in StoryBlock and hide it when there is not much room to show it (ASDK-2244)
  • The light player feature for autoplay (ASDK-2153)


  • Respect safe area when showing custom product card (ASDK-2231)
  • Expose product unit details in product card details (ASDK-2239)
  • WebSocket implementation to stop channels closing each other (ASDK-2245, ASDK-2278)
  • Handling invalid IVS playback URL issue and adding public API: LivestreamErrorInvalidPlaybackUrl (ASDK-2273)
  • Enable announcement feature in StoryBlock (#2940)
  • Avoiding the 10-second blank screen which was happening when the MultiHost (low latency) Livestream was being played by the SingleHost (high latency) Livestream player (ASDK-2321)
  • Video info to Shopping callbacks including: onCtaButtonClick, onProductLinkClickListener, and onProductCardClickListener (ASDK-2327)
  • Expose feedId (a.k.a feed Embed Instance ID) for FwStoryBlockView, FwLifecycleAwareStoryBlockView, and FwVideoFeedView to identify an analytic event per widget and Storyblock (ASDK-2322)
  • Enhanced multiple data tracking wrong or missing events


  • FireworkImageLoader module and the host app can use GlideImageLoader or PicassoImageLoader instead (ASDK-2329)
  • FwLifecycleAwareStoryBlockView and FwLifecycleAwareVideoFeedView cause they didn't do their purpose and now the host app has control over the lifecycle and can decide when to initialize and destroy the StoryBlock (ASDK-2354)


  • The StoryBlock Live tap to enter when the user already entered and just returns (ASDK-2189)
  • Player does not honor RTL setting for the videos when Arabic language is selected (ASDK-1919)
  • Showing N/A instead of original price when it is not available (ASDK-1891)
  • "powered by" icon in RTL mode (ASDK-2204)
  • Pausing the StoryBlock when is scrolled out of screen (ASDK-2136)
  • OutOfMemory error loading stream (ASDK-2198)
  • The subtitle menu in RTL mode (ASDK-1916)
  • Random StoryBlock crash on destroy (ASDK-2214)
  • Subtitle setting did not persist in the case when captions were turned off in system settings (ASDK-1915)
  • An issue with the player not resuming onResume
  • The app crashes while leaving the player (ASDK-2232)
  • Duplicate items after refresh (ASDK-2247)
  • The wrong product image is shown on the pinned product (ASDK-2248)
  • The StoryBlock does not repeat a feed with a single element (ASDK-2249)
  • The issue in username flow which renders showing "Happy Banana" on the chat input (ASDK-2245)
  • the Close button wrong behavior when the video is playing in a loop (ASDK-2267)
  • App crashes when a product with deep link is opened via Shop Now CTA (ASDK-2266)
  • Multiple bugs related to wrong states caused by late SDK/Views initialization and introducing FireworkInitError → AlreadyInitializedError (ASDK-2242)
  • Crashing the SDK when the Livestream element is missing in the feed to update (ASDK-2274)
  • The issue that was preventing single-element feed from loading (ASDK-2270)
  • The CTA loader in 'shop now" is not timing out after 10 seconds (ASDK-2286)
  • The issue in product talkback which was not losing focus when PDP was opened (ASDK-1779)
  • Product title hydration on PDP page (ASDK-2136)
  • Livestream player showing the trailer in Player when the Livestream is started in StoryBlock (ASDK-2093)
  • Storyblock continues to play in the background (ASDK-2297)
  • Duplicates in the video feed view when clicking on the last item (ASDK-2310)
  • The KeyboardUtils destroy before init crash (#2939)
  • The “Tap to enter livestream” button is shown in the fullscreen player when the user switches to another screen and then comes back (ASDK-2293)

[6.8.1] - 2023.11.06


  • App crashes when video in the feed is not in view and PIP is playing (ASDK-2208)

[6.8.0] - 2023.11.01


  • Multiple pinned products in the Livestream replay (ASDK-2126)
  • New log system, allowing host app to implement the FwLogAppender to receive SDK logs (ASDK-1644)
  • Updating Livestream interactions including Polls and Questions during live (ASDK-2118)
  • Add Livestream "Tap to enter" button to the compact StoryBlock and make it adjustable to the view size (ASDK-2143)


  • Video in collapsed mode does not pause when the kebab menu is opened after closing the fullscreen player (ASDK-2060)
  • Switching trailer to live in pip (ASDK-2111)
  • Crash when feed is destroyed before init (ASDK-2137)
  • Setting errorListener is not working if called before feedView.init() (ASDK-2138)
  • FwFeedView loading state was not sent to FeedViewStateListener (ASDK-2139)
  • When an answered question is launched again, UI does not hide the unanswered question (ASDK-2042)
  • No response when clicking the video again after closing pip (ASDK-2135)
  • Fix multiple cases of memory leaks in FwStoryBlockView, Player, and DI (ASDK-2165)
  • Player switches to the next video when returning from PIP in RTL mode (ASDK-2001)
  • Two half videos are shown in PIP when video PIP window is resized in RTL mode (ASDK-2172)
  • Fix "Add to cart" Arabic translation


  • New Product card design in the short video
  • Presenting a new PDP page
  • Introducing a new content source for single video ID


  • Custom VAST attributes
  • Universal Link Support
  • Add toast for showing AddToCartError.Timeout.message
  • Support product hydration with these two options:
    • productUnit.url
    • productUnit.image.url
  • Support Subtitles UI
  • RMN Measurements and Tracking
  • Add Poll to Livestream
  • Adding questions to Livestream
  • Realtime subtitles
  • Adding Poll in Short Videos
  • Adding Questions in Short Videos


  • Ability to Mute Ads
  • Added Mute button in the top-left corner
  • ChatUX Changes
  • Collapsed and Expand Modes for the Chat
  • Lighter gradient in the background
  • Missed messages button
  • Messages fading out on the top of chat
  • Drawable Gradient
  • Ability to set drawable background gradient under the caption
  • Manually Uploaded Posters
  • Images coming from the back-end are automatically placed on the video thumbnail
  • Customer Update Bug Fixes and Data Fixes
  • Hashtag Playlist
  • filter by hashtags
  • High-Level Bug Fixes for StoryBlock and PIP