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Video Feed

When you integrate Firework SDK into your application, you get access to a library of millions of videos. You can make these videos available in your application based on app-based as well user-based configurations and preferences. In this integration guide as well as in the API reference documentation, the stream of videos based on configurations and preferences is referred to as "Video Feed" or "video feed" and collectively as "Video Feeds" or "video feeds".
Currently, there are 5 broader types of video feeds


It is a custom view that displays video thumbnails for each video in the Video Feed in an infinitely scrollable horizontal, vertical, or grid layout. When a user clicks on one of the video thumbnails, a media player launches and starts playing the selected/clicked video.
You can include VideoFeedView in your view hierarchy via XML and specify VideoFeed using XML attributes or Programmatically. Below is the XML code snippet that displays a Discover Video Feed in a Grid layout.
Learn more about different Video Feed Layouts and Configuring VideoFeedView