Channel Feed

It is a predefined video feed. Users won't see any video that is not part of the channel. There are two ways of creating a channel. 1. You have your own content i.e you are a creator, then by default, there is a channel associated with your creator account on Firework, and all the videos that you upload to your account, form the Channel Feed. 2. You don't have to be a creator to have a channel. You can still have a channel and repost/add videos from our Firework content library to the channel. When you opt for Channel Feed, you should know that the videos that are served to your users are not ordered. Channel Feed defines the content but our recommendation engine still kicks in and serves video from the channel that it thinks users are likely going to engage with.
Example code snippet for Channel Feed
app:channelId="specify your encoded channel id here"/>
Please refer to the Encoded IDs help article to learn about how to find your encoded channel ID.
* Programmatically
* sets the channelId for the channel Video Feed.
* @param channelId valid channel id