Dynamic Content

A content source is manually created by Firework operators. Each playlist will have videos relevant to a specific topic/category/context. These topics/categories/contexts will be determined in collaboration with the customers/host app offline. The goal is to match the topic/category/context specified by the app to the most appropriate playlist from the set of playlists.
SDK version: v5.12.0
Step 1: Add com.loopnow.fireworklibrary.views.VideoFeedView into your layout file to inflate the video feed.
Noted: you don't need to specify app:feedType, app:channelId and app:playlistId in this feed type.
Step 2: Go to your recycler view adapter, use setDynamicContent(channelId: String, parameters: HashMap<String, List<String>>) API set feed progmtically.
override fun onBindViewHolder(p0: RecyclerView.ViewHolder, p1: Int) {
when(p0) {
is VideofeedItemViewHolder -> {
var hashMap : HashMap<String, List<String>> = HashMap<String, List<String>>()
hashMap.put("category", listOf("fashion"))
p0.videoFeedView.setDynamicContent("your encoded channel id",hashMap)
The host has the flexibility to add multiple properties to parameters, Firework content source will provide the best match videos from a set of videos.
Example for parameters inputs:
var hashMap : HashMap<String, List<String>> = HashMap<String, List<String>>()
hashMap.put("category", listOf("games"))
hashMap.put("store", listOf("US"))
hashMap.put("sports", listOf("baseball"))
hashMap.put("sports", listOf("football", "baseball", "baseketball"))