Adding products to a video

For providing the users a seamless shopping experience, you can add products to a video and users can add the products to the cart directly from the player (if you have completed the shopping integration or you are using one of the e-commerce platforms Firework integration).

You can only add products to the videos you own (the ones you have uploaded). If you are using one of the videos from Firework library, you will not be able to add your products to it.

Follow the steps below to add products to the video

1. Click on the video you need to add the products and click the edit button.

2. Click on the Video overlays button.

3. Click on Product Card. (Product Card option will only be visible if you have created at-least one Store and you have added/imported at-least one product).

4. Select the Store you want to add the products from.

4. Select the product or multiple products you need to add to the video and click Add

5. Click Save & Update

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