Displaying product videos on product pages using hashtag filtering(Web)

If you want to display specific product videos on product pages, an easy way is to use the hashtag filtering. Follow the steps below to achieve this

1. Open the video in Firework business portal and click edit

2. Enter the product ID or any unique identifier that you will be able to access in the product page in the Hashtags field. You need to ensure that you hit enter after entering the hashtag. Otherwise the hashtag will not be added to the video.

3. Click on the Save & Update button

4. On your product page add the following code. You need to ensure that you use the proper variable supported by your platform to fetch the right value entered in the hashtag field.

        channel="Your channel ID"
        hashtag = "(and {{product.id}})"

Hashtags only work with channel. (You need to remove the playlist attribute if it is present in your code)

You can find the detailed instructions on how you can use hashtags here.

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