Syncing Carts

When you integrate Firework in-player shopping experience, one question that frequently comes up is how to sync the player cart and the actual web/app cart. Refer the section below to understand how this can be done

Web Integration

For Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce, the Firework extension or app makes use of the shopping APIs provided by these platforms to sync the cart. This section is only for custom integrations.

If you have the Firework component added in your website, your products imported to the Firework business portal and products added to the video, you can integrate the cart functionality by following the steps mentioned in the section below

pageShopping Integration (V2)

Customers can write a hydration script using the Firework's Shopping API to enhance the shopping capabilities of the Firework player. The hydration script will bridge the e-commerce platform and the player, allowing the player to show the latest product information and sync your website cart with the player cart. It is up to storefront maintainer to implement the shopping APIs. Firework player does not keep any state, rather provide an interface to update product information and cart information via callbacks.

SDK Integration

Firework SDK does not manage the shopping cart. As the host application, it is up to you to manage and maintain the shopping cart. The SDK provides callbacks when the Add to cart button is clicked or when the user wants to view the shopping cart

Detailed platform specific information can be found in the following pages

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