Ad Support

Popular 3rd party ad SDKs can be used alongside the FireworkVideoSDK to perform client side ad insertion within the Firework Video Player. These 3rd party SDKs require a supporting library in order to work. Please review the list below and checkout the repo for more detailed instructions.

Ad Badge Customizations

Ad Badge property such as textColor can be customized using AdBadgeConfiguration, this configuration will be applied to all feeds and player

let feedVC = VideoFeedViewController()

// Gets the default configuration
var config = feedVC.viewConfiguration

// Gets the player content configuration
var adBadgeConfig = config.adBadge

// Sets the ad badge text color to white
adBadgeConfig.textColor = .white

// Sets the ad badge background color to translucent
adBadgeConfig.backgroundColor = UIColor(white: 0, alpha: 0.3)

// Sets the ad badge text to "Ad"
adBadgeConfig.badgeText = .ad

// Updates the title configuration
config.adBadge = adBadgeConfig

// Must set the viewConfiguration property to apply the changes
feedVC.viewConfiguration = config

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