Video Player

Video Player Customizations

Video player behavior such as the sharing functionality can also be customized using VideoPlayerContentConfiguration.
let feedVC = VideoFeedViewController()
// Gets the default configuration
var config = feedVC.viewConfiguration
// Gets the player content configuration
var playerConfig = config.playerView
// Show or hide the sharing button
playerConfig.shareButton.isHidden = true
// Show or hide the mute button
playerConfig.muteButton.isHidden = true
// Show or hide the playback button
playerConfig.playbackButton.isHidden = true
// Set the delay of the CTA button. Using 0 will result in no delay.
playerConfig.ctaButton.behavior.delay = .constant(0)
// Set the highlight delay of the CTA button. Using 0 will result in no delay and the button will be highlighted immediately.
playerConfig.ctaButton.behavior.highlightDelay = .constant(0)
// Set the player to fit the screen or fullbleed. Options are .fit and .fullbleed. Default is fullbleed. When fit is used, the player would have black patches on top and bottom. Fullbleed would crop the video on edges to fill the screen
playerConfig.playerStyle = .fit
// Add UIActivity instances specific to your app
playerConfig.shareButton.behavior.applicationActivities = customApplicationActivities()
// Exclude certain UIActivity Types
playerConfig.shareButton.behavior.excludedActivityTypes = [UIActivity.ActivityType.markupAsPDF]
// Player launch behaviors
// Using muteOnFirstLaunch will mute all videos when the player is launched for the first time
// After the user unmutes the video the behavior will be retained across video launches.
// Note: If the mute button is hidden this option is ignored
playerConfig.onFirstLaunch = .muteOnFirstLaunch
// Updates the player configuration
config.playerView = playerConfig
// Must set the viewConfiguration property to apply the changes
feedVC.viewConfiguration = config

Picture in Picture (PiP)

This feature allows the user to watch media while the application is in a backgrounded state. While in background mode a video will display in a floating, resizable window.
To enable PiP functionality, you’ll need to add Background Modes capability via Signing & Capabilities in your project settings. More information about this can be found here: Apple Documentation
To use Picture in Picture, we configure the app to support background audio playback. See Configuring the Audio Playback of iOS and tvOS Apps for more details.
Once the background mode is enabled, moving from an active state to a background state will immediately trigger the Picture In Picture functionality. PictureInPictureController is responsible for handling all of this functionality. PictureInPictureController retains a strong reference of AVPictureInPictureController. AVPictureInPictureController is a controller that responds to user-initiated Picture in Picture playback of video in a floating, resizable window.
let feedVC = VideoFeedViewController(
layout: VideoFeedHorizontalLayout(),
source: source,
adConfiguration: adConfiguration)
pipViewControlelr = PictureInPictureController(videoFeed: feedVC)

Programmatically Invoking PIP Player

When a user clicks the CTA button on a video or Product card, before the app is navigated to the target page, the PIP player needs to be programmatically invoked if the video playback experience needs to continue on top of the navigated pages. This can be done as follows
extension ViewController: FireworkVideoCTADelegate {
func handleCustomCTAClick(_ viewController: PlayerViewController, url: URL) -> Bool {
// Use `url` for app navigation
try? viewController.startPictureInPicture()
return true
Enhanced APIs
The PictureInPictureController offers serveral enhanced APIs that remove the burden of managing the PictureInPictureController instance.
Enabling PiP
A new property, isPictureInPictureEnabled, was added to VideoFeedViewController and StoryBlockViewController. Set this property to true and FireworkVideoSDK will manage the resources on your behalf.
Programmatically starting and stopping
The PictureInPictureController has new static methods which allows to easily start and stop picture in picture mode. There are 2 sets of methods for both start and stop operations.
The first set allows for starting and stopping of picture in picture with a feedID; start(with feedID: String) throws and stop(with feedID: String) throws. This set of APIs allows for you to start or stop specific feeds.
These APIs will throw when trying to start or stop a feed which does not have picture in picture enabled first. The second set allows for starting and stopping of picture in picture of any "eligible" feed; start() throws and stop() throws. This set of APIs allows for you to quickly start any feed that is eligible to enter picture in picture. Or stop any currently active picture in picture.
Eligibility is determined by many factors and is subject to change in future releases.