Feed Attributes

NameDescriptionDefault value


Channel name from which content should be displayed. Videos are ordered as a channel timeline.


Playlist ID for selected content. Please note channel name is necessary.


Playlist collection ID. Works with channel as mandatory attribute.


Hashtag to filter channel content. String in form of s-expression can be used together with channel. Closures starting with and/or provides access to more complex logical expression.

For example hashtag="(and drone (or sports travel))" will filter all travel or sports drone videos. For example of a single hashtag use (and drone)


Filter videos based on SKUs of products attached to the videos. List of coma separated values.


Encoded video ID to force particular video as first one in feed.


By defining multiple feed attributes, integration can specify the order of priority fallback in case the response is empty. Coma separated list of attributes. Please note priority will be ignored is with channel only.


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