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Player Attributes

As Firework custom elements are configured using HTML attributes, Player attributes will affect Video Player behavior


Hides the show detailed button on the product detail page. Defaults to false.


hash | query
Similar to router. Share link in player will be yours url instead of "". Can be used independently of router settings.
  • hash - uses hash # portion of your page url
  • query - uses query ? search parameter


URL template to be used as a share link base along with the share attribute. Example:


CSS string to specify minimized player distance from the edges. Works in conjunction with player_placement


top-left | top-right | bottom-right | bottom-left
Position of the minimized video player. Defaults to bottom-right


true | false
Allow player to be minimized. Defaults to true


true | false
Picture in picture mode. Defaults to false
Please note, necessary prerequisites needs to be met for PIP to work properly.


true | false
Disables navigation upon PIP link is clicked. Behavior suited for single page applications where navigation happens programmatically. Defaults to true


true | false
Whether to display product card carousel. Defaults to true.


fullscreen | always | never
Removes CSS transform and relative position from ancestor elements. Transform and relative position present on the parent elements will cause the creation of a new stacking context which will screw up with z-indexes. Setting reset_transform to always is usually the solution to the missing floating PIP player.