Shopping Integration FAQ

How to remove the default placeholder image using hydration?

When you add a product without any images in Firework business portal and hydrate new images using product hydration, you will see that the default placeholder image is displayed even though you have provided new images for your variants. To remove this simply set the position of your first variant's image as 0 when creating images using image builder. This will ensure that this image is displayed as the first image of the product. Increment the position across variants (different images for different variants should not have the same position)

Product price is displayed as a range even though all the hydrated variants have the same price

This happens when you add a product without any variants in Firework business portal and then hydrate variants using product hydration. There is a default variant created when a product without variants is created in Firework business portal. To prevent this from happening, you have to make sure to create at least one variant when creating the product and ensure to hydrate that variant.